Friday, January 21, 2011

The day of my birth...

Is today!... Always love a good Friday birthday!
Looking forward to spending some time with some great friends at dinner tonight, a nice relaxing weekend at home with the hubby and Bella Baby and then a week long visit from Mama Jane next week!

Today I wanted to get a bit caught up with sharing some of my favorite things at the moment. Things that make my life easier and I would find hard to live without!

Thank you Teddy for this wonder piece of machinery for my B-day!
My mornings will never be the same.

Umm... thank you cleaning world for this!

I am a blackberry girl all the way... couldn't function without it!
And I LOVE the BOLD.
Sorry but IPhones are so overrated! :-)

Anyone that knows me, knows I am all about VOLUME!!!
Gotta stay hydrated! Love the digital meter at the top that tells you when you need to change the filter!

Have to have something to pour that filter water in to.

BPA Free and Dishwasher Safe. Can't go wrong.

This is my far one of the BEST investments I have ever made. Who wants to guess at how many calories you burn why exercising? Not me! I got this over 5 years ago and I never exercise without it!
The chest strap is not a big deal at all. Just fits right under your sports bra. Can't even tell it is there.

And last but not least, sunglasses that actually fit my face. Having a small face puts a damper on finding cute trendy sunglasses. Sure you could always look at the kids, but when is the last time you saw a 6 year old wearing aviators?
Thanks DKNY for making some that fit my face and thanks to mom and brother for the great Birthday Gift!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year's Decor

Even though we weren't home for New Year's Eve this year. I still thought it would be fun to decorate a little bit for it. It is always so depressing taking down the Christmas decor that I had to do something to replace it for awhile. And it is always fun to put out some of my Waterford Crystal. If I am not going to use it, I should at least look at it, right?!?! Ha,Ha!

Here are a few pictures of the dining room set up with some fun things:

These glasses were my grandmother's.
Not sure what they are supposed to be used for but don't they go great with the "New Year's" theme!

2011 off to a great start!

Christmas, Yummy Soup and E-Bay!

So I took a blog vacay but now I am back and ready to roll. Let's back up a week or two and do a little Christmas recap. This was a wonderful Christmas, as it is every year, but it was our 1st White Christmas! Down here in the South that is more than rare so it was really exciting. We were in Cullman for Christmas morning and I just couldn't stop taking pictures. Talk about "magical" as you are watching the snow fall while opening gifts.

And of course, Bella Baby wasn't quite sure what to think!

Our attempt to get a "family" photo. We finally got a decent one.
If this is anything compared to having kids, then we will be in for a treat one day.
(Especially if they take after their daddy! LOL)

We also got to spend Christmas with Ted's side of the family a few weeks earlier. All in all there are 6 kids under the age of 6! (one being only 2 weeks old!)
Of course this makes for one interesting present opening session and my OCD has to go out the window!

We have a wonderful holiday with family and friends!
Really makes you stop and count your blessings.

And what would the holidays be without yummy food! I wanted to share this super simple potato soup recipe I found online a few years ago, back in my "early" days of cooking and I still use it. Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE me some potato soup! I swear I could eat it everyday if I wasn't scare the effect it would have on my physical body. (already gots enough curves)

This is what you will need:
(plus 3 cups water and salt & pepper)
 And this is what you do:
(I think you can read the card)

It will look similar to this:

Top with these:

And you will get something like this:

Yummy to my tummy. Disclaimer: I always think it is better the 2nd day.
And it is great for freezing too!

And last but not least... my new obsession... E BAY!!!
Oh my goodness where have I been! I have recently bought a purse, flip flops (new of course) and currently bidding on a ring for my mom for Mother's Day or Birthday. More importantly I SOLD my old camera for a great price.
This could get scary fast!

Happy Tuesday! Be back this week to discuss upcoming home projects! Although I love January since it is my birthday month, I wish we could move right on into Spring for cleaning and projects!