Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Where are you Fall?!?!?

The first official day of Fall on the calender is this Thursday, Sept 23rd but with the heat we are having, I am having a hard time believing that! Please hurry up and get here!!!

This past weekend I headed to the great small town of Cullman,AL. It is always nice to visit home. I often think that Ted and I would love to move back there one day and raise a family but I think for now it is just too boring slow pace for us!
Where else will you see a street sign reminding people to "Be Polite"? How cute is that?

Nothing says the beginning of Fall to me more than the fair!

Last year I convinced Ted to take me to the Tuscaloosa County Fair and lets just say,
it was no Cullman Fair!
There were no pie contests, livestock exhibits, local company booths, pageants... it just wasn't the same as the one I knew growing up!
The fair is heading into town this week so of course I wanted to attend the fair parade! I was Little Miss Cullman County Fair in 1986!
(I will have to round up a picture of that!)

We took MG and she had a ball!

Aunt "K" with MG

MG and her mama

Did I mention that Cullman is the only city that celebrates a DRY Octoberfest?!?!?

Go Bearcats!!!

She loved all the "princesses"!
(local beauty pageant winners)

And LOVED the horses!

With over 250 entries I would say an hour and 15 min parade is pretty good for small town USA!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wordless Wednesday...

Bella is ready another long weekend!
This is the face she gave me when I tried to put her in her crate this morning!
I feel ya Bella! Hurry up weekend!
(Catch up posts coming soon!)