Thursday, August 23, 2012

Better late than never...


Weight – Not sure yet… we go for our 6mth check up on August 27th!

Length – We will find out at Dr.      

New Foods she likes – Oatmeal! We have started giving her Oatmeal right after the 4 of July She eats it at “dinner”. She seems to really like it! We also let her drink some plain water at the beach. It was HOT!

Eating Habits She takes a 5 oz bottle every 3 hours pretty much. So around 7, 10, 1 and 4. Then at 6:30ish we do oatmeal and a small bottle just to wash it down. Then she takes another 4 to 5 oz bottle right before bed.

New Discoveries – My jewelry!, Dad’s remote and our cell phones. She has always liked the lights on the cell phones but now she starts to grab for them. And she now LOVES Mickey Mouse! And I mean LOVES it! And anything on the Disney Junior Channel.

Accomplishments – She has started to sit up almost completely by herself. The first time it happened was when we went to the beach!  And now she rolls in a “row” over and over and over again!

Also still loving her feet!

Places I went – The beach!!! We went to the beach for the 4th of July and it was her first out of state trip since we went to Florda! It was a great time and she was a rock star traveler!  Mom waaaay  overpacked but better to be prepared than not! J

Feet in the ocean for the first time.

"Hey, someone let me out of here..."
In the pool with daddy. She liked this pretty well.

Happy 4th of July!

Waiting on the beach for the fireworks.

Other New things (*new category starting this month) – Teething! I think it is safe to say we have officially started teething.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

4 months!

I waited to do her four month post for after our Dr. visit yesterday so I would have exact stats on her. We went for our four month check up and of course got shots which this big girl didn't even cry! I was shocked! Ted went with us and I had told him that it is so sad but then she acted like such a big girl and hardly made a peep. I guess she was trying to show out in front of her daddy!

Weight - 15lbs 2.5 oz
Length - exactly 24 inches! She has only grown an inch in the past 2 months but she was on the longer side there for awhile so that is fine.
Eating Habits - We do a five ounce bottle about every 3 hours. No more night time feedings.
New Foods she likes - Rice Ceral! We have started feeding her some from a bowl around 6 each night and she loves it! I was worried at first on how she would take to a spoon but she is doing great. The Dr. said we could add a morning feeding and then after about a week start on oatmeal. Then after a week on that start some veggies and then some fruits... Where did my baby go?!?!?!  Big girl likes her food so I don't think we will have a problem in that department. It will be fun to find out what she likes and dislikes.

Here is some shots of baby girl eating from the spoon from the first time.

Not too sure about this mom...

Oh, this isn't so bad after all!

New Discoveries - She is really started to love to play with all her "toys". She is so happy and content and can entertain herself pretty well.

 We needed a little head prop on this one. :-)

And we introduced Sophie:
She really enjoys it. She loves to put anything and everything in her mouth anyway and this little guy seems to be the right size for her! Only one problem with Sophie... she squeaks! This makes it very interesting for Bella to be around when MM is playing with her. It is like pure torture for Bella.

Speaking of Bella, we have also started going on the front porch for some swing time before bath time. She loves it! She is so still and content. I think she likes the breeze going through her hair. Ted will use this time to play with Bella in the yard as well and MM loves watching her. She can't take her eyes off her when she is running around the yard. I think it is funny because this is really the only time she ever pays attention to Bella.

Also another HUGE thing for us this month is that we started "school".
She started the 1st of June and LOVES it! It is just a small little church by our house that has a half day program. She goes 4 days a week. Mommy loves it because once we started, she was sleeping 12 hours a night! The newness of it has worn off a bit now and we are back to our 8:30pm to about 6 to 7ish routine, which is still great! No telling what full days will do to her when she starts this Fall. I truly think it is great for her to go interact with other babies and other people besides her family members. As much as mommy was NOT looking forward to it in the beginning, I am so glad we are doing it. And her teachers are so sweet and love her which also makes this new chapter a lot smoother. They all the time tell me how happy and easy she is which makes me so proud!

Here is daddy giving her a little "pep talk" on the first day!

This is one of my favorite pictures of all time! I love how you can see her smiling face in the mirror.

And here is a picture that her teacher sent me during the day that first day.
Just hanging out with her little lovie.
(which I may or may not have sprayed body spray on it to make it smell like mommy!)

Accomplishments - With the rolling starting last month, the scooting wasn't too far behind! I think she will be a early crawler and baby proofing the house is already on my mind. We have ALOT to do to get ready for that!

We are in some 9mth clothing but all 6mth things still fit. We are officially in size 2 diapers. People always told me that they grow so fast but it truly is amazing how fast they do grow and change!

Her personality is coming out more and more each day. I love to hear her laugh and talk, it is the sweetest thing ever. The other morning I woke up around 5 or so, to her little voice over the monitor just talking and giggling away, I love that she wakes up in a happy mood! Ted and I just laid their and listened to her for a bit. After we realized that she wasn't going back to sleep Ted went in there to get her and he said she got the biggest smile on her face when she saw him. He brought her back to our room so we could get a few more minutes of sleep before we started our day. And of course she slept another 2.5 hours snuggled up in between us! Which is fine by me!

Here is a good example of her little personality coming out more and more... she loves putting her arm behind her head now when she is swinging or laying in her "taco". 

Here is another one.

Places I went -  We have stayed pretty busy this month going to grandparents houses, baby showers, mom's work (corporate office too), shopping trips with mom, etc...always on the go. She is very flexible and can nap wherever pretty much which I am very thankful for.  I hope she will continue to just go with the flow.

At mommy's office one afternoon watching Baby Einstein (which she LOVES)

We have also started a little Saturday morning ritual wiht mommy and daddy. We get up, go to the local farmer's market, IHOP and then Sam's and whatever other errands need to be done. It is cheesy and I LOVE it! MM is a big fan too!

Here we are one Saturday morning at the market.
(excuse my yuckiness)

We did have our first encounter with a "celebrity" so to say. We went to lunch out at the country club one Saturday and Nick Saban came in the snack bar where we were eating to get a water. I would have LOVED for MM to have gotten her picture made with him but of course I would never bother him. Now if he had seen her, I am sure he would have wanted a picture with a cute little baby so he would have asked us.... LOL. Maybe one day though.

Other fun pictures from this month.

Fun with mommy

MG playing "shop". She was pretending to "paint" MM's hair purple and pink.

Hanging out with Aunt Ashley

Clean puppy dog after a bath

We love you more and more every day MM and couldn't imagine a day without you in our life!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

May 2012 Recap!

I found this cute little app/website called Smilebox. So I thought that I would start keeping up with our months by posted photos and kind of a little summary of what all went on during that month. From the looks of how May went, this little girl will be all grown up before we know it! Where does the time go?!?!?!? (sorry the middle is kind of hard to read)

Thursday, May 24, 2012

3 months! (only 4 days late!)

Weight - Not sure since we haven't been to the Dr. since her 2mth check up but I am guessing a little over 13lbs.
Length - Maybe between 24 and 25????
Eating Habits - She is pretty consist with her feedings these days. We are up at 6:00 for feeding 1 then we have feeding 2 around 10. Feeding 3 around 2ish Feeding 4 when mommy gets home from work and feeding 5 anywhere between 8 and 9. Every once in awhile she will wake up between 2am and 3am for a little "snack" but that is really about it. We range from 4 to 5oz bottles but starting today, actually, we are going to do usually do 5oz and maybe some even 6oz. Let's put it this way, she has NEVER not finished a bottle!
New foods she likes: Still on just mommy milk! BUT... last Friday I did make the executive mommy decision to start doing some formula as well. Last week I was just able to keep up with her. I had a bottle ready for the morning feeding, then I would pump at work and take that home for the afternoon feeding and then rush home after work before she needed another one. So as much as I LOVE going home at lunch everyday, some days I just can't do it which would have really put us in a bind. So last Friday I decided the weekend was a great time to try it out so that is what we did. We are doing 1/2 and 1/2 bottles pretty much and she is doing great with it. Then of course I just nurse her when I am with her. But things are going great. I was a little disappointed at first but I have peace about it. We did solid mommy milk for the first 3 months and I hope to go at least 3 more months. If things go as smooth as they have been the past week, we should be fine!
New discoveries: We have a roller on our hands! She officially started rolling Monday night of this week. When I put her done in her crib Sunday night and watched her she would swing her legs up and go to the side. So when it came time for bed Monday night I knew we didn't need to do a swaddle if she was doing that so after her bath we just put on jammies and put her to bed. We watched her on the monitor and sure enough, we have a rolly polly on our hands. She would sleep on her side and then flip to her tummy. Ted and I were a nervous wreak about it that night. I think each of us got up 5 times each to check on her. She slept through the night that night and did great!

Rolling over on our tummy.
 (we still have that "rooster tail" as we call it going!)

Accomplishments: Rolling and talking up a storm... more like yelling at times! So cute. When Ted talks to her she truly trys to mimic what he is saying. It is the cutest thing ever! We also are officially out of 0-3 mth clothing and are in 3-6 mth. I hope she doesn't outgrow 6 month things too soon, we have lots of cute summer things that are 6 months.

We also sat in our Bumbo seat a few times but we still aren't quite ready for that. 

Places I went:We are getting out more and more and mommy is getting more and more use to it. It takes a while to get the hang of what all to pack, etc. But we are coming around. 

 Headed to Mimi's house!

 Decoration in my hometown
(in one of my dresses)

First trip to Jalapenos!
She was too busy looking at the crowd to look at the camera.
More and more like her momma everyday! 

And our biggest event this past month was that Mary-Miller got baptized on Mother's Day!
 It was such a special day. I want to save all the details for another post.

But obviously it wore her out. She had to take a little nap in daddy's arms.

Some other events of this month.

 Doing some leg kicks around 5:00 on Saturday morning! At least she wakes up in a good mood!

 Mesmerized by Phillip Phillips!
(who wouldn't be...)

Our happy little girl!


Thursday, April 26, 2012

2 months! (a week late again!)

I mean, seriously... where does the time go!?!?! And why can't I get the hang of this blogging thing again? Maybe because I have a new baby girl, have started back to work and a million other things going on, that blogging makes it last on the list. But I enjoy going back and reading about my pregnancy so much that I really want to continue to document everything so I don't forget! I am already amazed at how many things I have forgotten about being pregnant. One thing I do know is I miss it! I miss having her with me all the time! Sounds a little silly but it is true!

This month Miss Priss has really stared to come alive to the world and it is so much fun!!!
Among the many things that she has discovered, her fist is her favorite. 

Weight - 11lbs 6oz(she was 8lbs 3 oz at 1 month)
Length - 23 inches
Eating Habits - She has slowed down a bit on how long she goes each feeding. We use to do about 40 minutes total but now she is more like 30 minutes with some even 20 minutes. The past 2 nights her night feeding has only been 10 mins and it was a struggle to get her to even do that! I think she is so close to being able to sleep through the night. But for right now, she still needs a little snack and probably some mommy time! Since I have started back to work she will take 2to 3 4oz bottles a day. Sometimes I get to go home at lunch and feed her and sometimes she eats late in the mornings so that effects how the rest of the day goes. She is usually asleep in her swing by 8:00 and sometimes will stay until 11 if Mimi will let her. But then there are other days that she acts like she is starving by 9:00. So it just varies day to day but I always have at least 3 bottles in the fridge for her and then a little "snack" bottle. So far everything is working great for her and mommy!
New foods she likes: Still on just mommy milk!
New discoveries: As stated above... she loves her fist! Tries her hardest to get it in her mouth. (I have no clue where in the world she gets this! LOL)  She also loves to blow little spit bubbles which are so cute. I think she likes to stroll without her carseat. This way she can see what is going on!

She also loves looking at herself in the mirror and daddy walks around the house. She usually gets a daddy walk during lunch and then at night time. One day Ted didn't get to come home for lunch and she got a bit fussy. Mom tried all kinds of things but nothing helped so then she just got up and walked around with her just like daddy does and she was fine. So funny how that can get use to things so quickly.

Accomplishments: She moves her had like crazy back and forth trying to look at everything when she does have daddy walks. She laughs, smiles and coos now too. It is the cutest thing I have ever seen!
 Look at that sweet baby... just cracking herself up! 

This was the first time she really started "talking" and laughing with us. Ted had come home for lunch and she just started it. It was like she was waiting on her daddy. But then again, if you know her daddy, you probably know why she started laughing when he was around. I am sure he was doing something crazy to her. 

Places I went:Well for keeping her at home for a bit at first, we have really been hitting the road the past 4 days! She got her shots on April 20th and after that we went to a baby store, lunch, my work and the mall! Then Saturday we went to lunch again and yesterday she actually came to work with me for a bit while Mimi had to go to the Dr. 

Starting her out early! I don't know how much she know about the Oil part but she has the Gas part down!

Of course we did go to Mimi's house for Easter! 

We also attended our 1st Birthday party! 
 Getting ready to go. 

Pretty girl in her party dress.

Boyfriend and Girlfriend meet for the first time! 
(Actually MM has lots of boyfriends! LOL Seems as though she is one of the only little girls around right now. They can duke it out on the playground for her.)
This is my roommate from college and we had the exact same due date! Baby Will got here 11 days before MM. Sarah and I have pretty much texted each other every single days since we found out we were both expecting. It has been so fun going through this amazing experience with someone that is going through the exact same thing at the same time. 

And here is the 13th St. College roomies in order of age. Birthday boy on the far left, then Miss Layton, Mr. Will and MM! So fun! They all live in the same town but we don't so we will just have to go and visit them!

Sadly this is the only photo I got us the birthday boy. Sorry Mrs. Smith. But it be a bit honest, this was my first "real" outing with MM and there was lots going on so I am just glad we got this one. 

Right after a feeding and diaper change. I think they look like a little old married couple. Big momma in her moomoo dress and little baldy!
So cute!

I hope to be better at blogging because I know if I don't write it down, I will forget it all in no time! And I have got to find a way to organize this billion photos I take! Just for example, I took over 100 at her "2 month photo shoot"... geez... I have got to get under control!
But for now, enjoy some more of my cutie pootie!
And yes, there was wardrobe changes!

"Mommy, are we done yet?"