30 Before 30

1. Take a class on how to use my camera (Fall 2011... but still don't know how to work it good! age 29)
2. RUN a full 5K
3. Sew a dress for Mary Grace
4. Join a Sunday school class
5. Meet savings goal
6. Have a baby  (in the middle of that one! age 29)
7. Buy a new car (August 2011, age 28)
8. Organize all photos
9. Go on a beach trip with just Ted and Bella
10. Make Black Truffle mac-n-cheese
11. Make exercise part of my weekly routine… min 3 days a week
12. Have professional photos taken of MK, Ted & Bella (Dec 2011... Christmas Card photos/maternity session, age 29)
13. Go to a winery (anywhere, even in AL)
14. Visit Washington DC (June 2011, age 28)
15. Trip to OK to visit the in-laws
16. Get a monogram machine???
17. Have a spa day with my mom
18. Spend a weekend away with Ted
19. Go on a Mountains trip with friends and hubby
20. Rid my closets of clutter (Aug 2011, age 28, had to do this to get baby ready!)
21. Decorate my office cute (summer 2011, age 28, moved in a different office)
22. Completely surprise Ted with something… trip, gift, anything!
23. Go fishing with Ted
24. Do a cleanse of some kind
25. Grow long nails (Thanks to prenatal vitamins... now just to keep them, age 29)
26. “Master” the art of couponing
27. Give baking more of a chance
28. Be more “green” in products used around the house
29. Plan out weekly meal schedules and stick to them
30. Eat only organic meats