Thursday, February 16, 2012

Watch it grow...39 weeks!

How far along? 39 weeks!
Size of Baby: About the same as last week...right at her birth weight.
Total weight gain/loss:Down 1lb from last week at the Dr. on Tuesday! I knew that that 3lbs last week wasn't too accurate! So that makes total weight gain right at 25lbs.
Maternity clothes? Can't wait for my new Spring wardrobe! :-) My friend Meredith brought me an extra copy of her InStyle Magazine this week and it has made me even more excited about buying some new things for Spring.
Best moment this week:I had to be hooked up the monitor on Tuesday when I went to my check up because when the nurse checked her heartbeat with the doppler it was 160 which was a bit high so they just wanted to hook me up for about 20 mins. So I got to lay there and listen to her sweet little heartbeat for about 20 minutes. Turns out the nurse had just caught her when she was moving so that was why her heartbeat was a bit high. On the monitor she was averaging right where she should be, between 135 and 140.
Worst Moment: Still the sleep! :-( Getting just a bit harder to get comfortable as the days go on and I really hate waking up in the middle of the night because then I don't feel so great the next day. However, I am productive when I do get up.... wash clothes, cleaning out drawers, etc. Bella HATES it when I am up disrupting her sleep!
Symptoms: Still the exact same as last week as far as what MM is doing. My back is hurting a bit more now and my legs seem just to feel "heavy" but other than that I can't complain too much and it this point, I consider that a huge blessing!

I go back to Dr. next Tuesday where we will do an ultrasound to check her levels of amniotic fluid. At this point those levels can get low and if that is the case, they will induce I guess later that day or on Wednesday but if levels are still up and nothing else has changed, he will give me until the 27th to go into labor on my own and if I don't, then 27th will be the day! So we shall see...
Miss Anything? Nothing this week... I know my time is limited so I am just soaking up every moment. (although, I am ready for her to come whenever she decides!)
Movement: She is still a little stretcher. And I swear sometimes it feels like her knees or feet are directly under my rib cage. I have to lie down to get her to move positions.
Anything making you queasy or sick? Not really but I don't really have an appetite and if I don't eat then I feel a bit sick. So I just have to make myself eat.
Have you started to show yet?: Large and in charge!
Gender : GIRL! Mary-Miller Dunlap Baker
What is Baby Baker up to?
Not much has changed from last week, all her internal organs are ready to support her in the outside world, she's developed healthy amounts of baby fat over the past week, her immune system is developing and will continue to develop after she is born.
In other Baker News....
Just keeping myself  busy these days and trying to rest. All laundry is caught up, house cleaned, drawers cleaned out, hospital bags packed... we are just waiting on MM to get here!

And my "due date buddy" had her precious little boy last week, February 11th. It is so weird for me to still be pregnant and her not. We basically had daily check ins with each other which was so nice to "compare notes".  Come on MM... Will has almost been with us a week! We gotta catch up!

Here's hoping we have a baby before the 40 week update! :-)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Watch it grow...38 weeks!

How far along? 38 weeks!
Size of Baby: MM has probably reached her birth weight between 6 and 8lbs but every baby is different.
Total weight gain/loss:Up 3lbs yesterday afternoon at the Dr.'s office. Key word here is AFTERNOON!!! Of course you weigh more in the afternoon than in the morning AND I tend to swell in the afternoons some which I was yesterday so I am going to say this weigh in was a bit off. But if you count this in the running total it would make it 26lbs total. Next week's appointment is first thing in the morning!
Maternity clothes? Really getting tired of wearing the same thing over and over again but they are a must!
Best moment this week:Nothing in particular just enjoying the last few weeks that I get to have her with me everywhere I go!
Worst Moment: Nothing really but if I had to say something then I guess sleep. I just wake up and stay up for a few hours a few nights a week which makes for a long day the next day.
Symptoms: We are making some small progress.... I am not 1.5cm dilated but still at 70%. He did say her head was even lower this week. I don't know how much lower she can get without making an entrance! LOL
I have also have a few other beginning of labor things happen but I will leave them unmentioned on here.

As mentioned above, I have noticed the swelling a bit more in my lower legs and feet. Usually doesn't hit me till mid afternoon and I am sure my legs dangling at my desk all day doesn't help. Also have noticed in my fingers a bit more this week. And it seems that she is also resting on my sciatic nerve. I will have these sharp pains shoot down my left leg every once in awhile and I had wondered what that was but my weekly update this week had this in there and it totally made sense. It is not unbearable, just a bit uncomfortable for a minute. Almost feels like a cramp is coming on.
Miss Anything? I am going to go back to wine this week! :-) Actually with this Spring weather around here more on the fruity cocktail side of things. But nothing major.
Movement: I love it when she stretches! I can tell because each side of my tummy just goes out and you can feel her, then she just slowly goes back in. I just imagine her stretching out when she gets here! She will get that from her daddy! When I went to the Dr. last week the nursery windows were open and there was a little baby in there that was sleeping stretched out as far as she could. Arms up in air, legs all sprawled out... I thought to myself, I bet MM is going to do the exact same thing!
Anything making you queasy or sick? Nope
Have you started to show yet?: Umm... for sure. 
Gender : GIRL! Mary-Miller Dunlap Baker
What is Baby Baker up to?
All organs are ready to support her in the outside world. She has developed healthy amounts of baby fat all over and her immune system is developing and will continue to develop until after she is born. Her fingernails and toenails have reached the end of her fingers and toes and might even need a trim after she is born!

In other Baker News....
We were able to go to dinner Saturday night with some friends of ours that have moved to TN.  They have a 2 year old little boy and are expecting the 2nd! It was fun to go out to dinner with kids, (there was another couple there with a 3 and 1 year old) to see how our life will be changing soon! Everyone did good though! Going to a Japanese restaurant where there is entertainment probably helped that too! :-)

Besides just playing the waiting game, we are just enjoying the last few weeks with each other.
Of course I have been in major nesting mode though! One day I will work non stop and then I will crash and burn the next day. Now I think I am just doing "busy work" more than anything else. If it isn't ready by this point then it is not important!

And this afternoon Ted's work is giving us a baby shower. I haven't ever really met any of them and I just think it is so sweet that they would want to do that for us. I am looking forward to it and can't wait to meet the ones that Ted works with everyday.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Watch it grow...37 weeks!

(I really dislike white shirt pictures... will have to remember that for the next 3 week's updates!)

How far along? 37 weeks!
Size of Baby: According on , she is measuring over 20 inches and weighing around 7lbs.Of course this is an estimate... I doubt MM is that big. I was 6.8lbs when I was born and Ted as 8.2lbs. I bet she will end up right around 7.2lbs and around 19.5 inches....we will see!
Total weight gain/loss:Up .4 since last week so 23 total gained.
Maternity clothes? I wish I could just wear my robe or pjs all the time at this point but I am pretty sure my co-workers wouldn't really like that. Trying to stay "cute" but at this point, I am just along for the ride! I can't wait for Spring though! Maxi dresses, flip flops, bright colors! And MM will be dressed super cute too! :-)
Best moment this week:Getting to 37 weeks! We are officially full term! And I just love feeling her. I know I will miss it when she is here.
Worst Moment: Lower back has been killing me lately. I got a prenatal massage last week and it was the best thing ever! I NEED want to go back! We will see how sorry Teddy feels for me.... I think I might be starting to swell some more in the afternoons. My legs just feel a bit "tight" at times. Hormones have also been "all over the place". One minute I am happy go lucky and the next... watch out! But I have really have nothing to complain about so just trying to stay positive. I blame it all on hormones!
Symptoms: Still at 1 cm and 70% but Dr. did feel her head yesterday! Craziness!!!!He said she is dong exactly what she is supposed to be doing... moving on down. I can tell for sure now. Just different pressures and such. My mom is convinced she will be here at any time now but I don't know.
Miss Anything? Not really but kind of being able to work on "projects" around the house. It has been warm around here which makes me think of Spring and I love to spray paint and do all kinds of projects around the house but can't really do those right now. Just trying to enjoy these last few weeks of down time.
Movement: She has her moments where she goes crazy for a bit and then settles down. After I eat alot I know she doesn't have much room in there because she is still for a few hours afterwards. Then she goes to stretching like crazy. Bless her heart, I am sure she is all cramped up in there. 
Anything making you queasy or sick? Still no.
Have you started to show yet?: Yep... the bump is big and low!
Gender : GIRL! Mary-Miller Dunlap Baker
What is Baby Baker up to?
She is ready to go! All organs are able to function outside the womb and she is just putting on some fat between now and the time she is born. (let's hope she just does and not momma!)

In other Baker News....
I went to my "due date buddy's" baby shower in Birmingham this weekend. It was so sweet and I loved seeing all the little boy things.

We also booked a trip with some friends to Napa for October today and I have to say... I had a bit of anxiety as I did it. It will be so hard to leave MM for a few nights. But know it is healthy for her and mommy and daddy! She will be living it up at Mimi's house without a care in the world, I am sure! And I have always heard the earlier we do it, the easier it will become.

I also purchase MM some "luggage". I went into a store here in town and they had some Vera Bradley on clearance. It was the pink twirly bird pattern which is perfect for a little girl. We will be traveling with her so she has to travel in style!!! I got the diaper bag, duffel bag, a tote and a small toiletry bag for her... all basically for the price of what one bag would normally be. Plus she will be able to use it all through the years, not just as a baby. Then I had my friend at Pinwheel Press design her some "luggage" tags. She designed them for me and then I printed them at work and took to Office Max to get laminated. I thought they turned out too cute. This is another one of those things that won't mean anything once she gets her but I enjoyed doing while I had the time!

Tag on her new "luggage"... I love the pattern!

Not much else "in the news" with us. Just trying to be patient on little one's arrival.