Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Back to blogland...

So over the past few weeks months my 3 followers have obviously noticed my absence from the blog world. I was just really having a hard time writing "all about the Bakers", not finding too much interest into what we were doing, thinking "who will actually want to read this", yadda, yadda, yadda. Well in case you missed the new title of the blog... I finally have something that you friends and family near and far might find worth reading... MK+Ted+Bella is having a baby!!!! We couldn't be more excited!

Let's start with giving some background of the past few months...
Nothing too exciting has gone on around these parts besides the dog days of summer. Ted had gone on a few bachelor trips, I have been enjoying the down time at work before the crazy fall gets here and we took a trip to Washington DC. It seems that I always have a trade show every June in a cool city so the past few years Ted has been able to go with me. A little work AND play. Even though our anniversary isn't until July, these also usually doubles over as our anniversary trip. WARNING possible TMI.... I had been on BC for a few months just for my body to get use to it and we had been in the talks of getting ready to start a family. My body adjusted well to being off the pill and I was pretty much in a regular routine. Long story short without getting in all the non necessary details when we returned from our trip to DC, which I had drank wine most every night, eat oysters and anything else you aren't supposed to do while pregnant, I realized that I was a few days behind schedule. I had just happened to have a test so I took it... about 30 secs later, not the 3 minutes it was suppose to take, those 2 little lines showed up loud and clear! I was in shock! A good shock, but I just couldn't believe it!
So needless to say, I needed to go get more! Ted was outside playing with the neighborhood kids (seriously) and I jumped in the car to get some "balsamic vinaigrette" to go with our salad. Why I said that to Ted when I was leaving was beyond me. If I had said to grab a bottle of wine, he would have thought nothing of it. Not to mention I just got back from going to the grocery store. But off I went to CVS. I bought a box of 2 digital ones... not those cheap ones. I need a clear "yes" or "no". Went back home, still not saying anything to Ted as I rushed back in. I took the test, "yes" appeared in no time. About 15 mins later took the second test and a "no" appeared. What? That is crazy... how could these test play with me like this?!?!? Of course me being me, I decided I needed to go back to the store but there wasn't anyway I was going to be able to get past Ted again. Just as I was deciding my "game plan" I heard him come in. I headed to the kitchen to meet him grinning from ear to ear. He was wondering what in the world was going on. I told him to come back her. He followed me to our bedroom and then as I was about to head into the bathroom he said, "you're pregnant, aren't you?" As I explained what I had been doing for the past 30 mins, I told him I needed to go get more. So I headed out and this time went to Publix, I didn't want the CVS peeps to think I was totally nuts! So I went to Publix, hoping no one would see me. I just didn't want everyone to find out quite like that and bought another box of the digital kind again. These actually read out "pregnant" or "not pregnant". AFTER I paid for them the pharmacist noticed that they were expired so I had to trade out for some others and he let me get two boxes of them... not sure why. But I was headed home well equipped with six more tests!

Long night short... they all were positive!

So here we are today... Baby B will be 15 weeks tomorrow! Last Dr. appt at 12 weeks heartbeat was 160. First Dr. appt at 8 weeks 4 days, HB was 171! If we go by the old wives tales... sounds like a girl to me, but we are happy with either or!

So far so good with being pregnant. A little nauseated in the beginning and exhausted beyond comprehension but I think I am getting over the hump now. Not much of of appetite and I actually lost a little between 8 week dr appt and 12 week but this week it seems to be coming back which I am more than ready for! :-)

One fun part of being pregnant is I am not the only one! One BFF from high school is about 24 weeks, Mrs. Smith has little H who is about 4 months old, roommate from college also expecting 1st of January and other roommate from college, Sarah has the EXACT same due date as me! It has been great to have someone to compare to along the way! So fun!