Thursday, May 24, 2012

3 months! (only 4 days late!)

Weight - Not sure since we haven't been to the Dr. since her 2mth check up but I am guessing a little over 13lbs.
Length - Maybe between 24 and 25????
Eating Habits - She is pretty consist with her feedings these days. We are up at 6:00 for feeding 1 then we have feeding 2 around 10. Feeding 3 around 2ish Feeding 4 when mommy gets home from work and feeding 5 anywhere between 8 and 9. Every once in awhile she will wake up between 2am and 3am for a little "snack" but that is really about it. We range from 4 to 5oz bottles but starting today, actually, we are going to do usually do 5oz and maybe some even 6oz. Let's put it this way, she has NEVER not finished a bottle!
New foods she likes: Still on just mommy milk! BUT... last Friday I did make the executive mommy decision to start doing some formula as well. Last week I was just able to keep up with her. I had a bottle ready for the morning feeding, then I would pump at work and take that home for the afternoon feeding and then rush home after work before she needed another one. So as much as I LOVE going home at lunch everyday, some days I just can't do it which would have really put us in a bind. So last Friday I decided the weekend was a great time to try it out so that is what we did. We are doing 1/2 and 1/2 bottles pretty much and she is doing great with it. Then of course I just nurse her when I am with her. But things are going great. I was a little disappointed at first but I have peace about it. We did solid mommy milk for the first 3 months and I hope to go at least 3 more months. If things go as smooth as they have been the past week, we should be fine!
New discoveries: We have a roller on our hands! She officially started rolling Monday night of this week. When I put her done in her crib Sunday night and watched her she would swing her legs up and go to the side. So when it came time for bed Monday night I knew we didn't need to do a swaddle if she was doing that so after her bath we just put on jammies and put her to bed. We watched her on the monitor and sure enough, we have a rolly polly on our hands. She would sleep on her side and then flip to her tummy. Ted and I were a nervous wreak about it that night. I think each of us got up 5 times each to check on her. She slept through the night that night and did great!

Rolling over on our tummy.
 (we still have that "rooster tail" as we call it going!)

Accomplishments: Rolling and talking up a storm... more like yelling at times! So cute. When Ted talks to her she truly trys to mimic what he is saying. It is the cutest thing ever! We also are officially out of 0-3 mth clothing and are in 3-6 mth. I hope she doesn't outgrow 6 month things too soon, we have lots of cute summer things that are 6 months.

We also sat in our Bumbo seat a few times but we still aren't quite ready for that. 

Places I went:We are getting out more and more and mommy is getting more and more use to it. It takes a while to get the hang of what all to pack, etc. But we are coming around. 

 Headed to Mimi's house!

 Decoration in my hometown
(in one of my dresses)

First trip to Jalapenos!
She was too busy looking at the crowd to look at the camera.
More and more like her momma everyday! 

And our biggest event this past month was that Mary-Miller got baptized on Mother's Day!
 It was such a special day. I want to save all the details for another post.

But obviously it wore her out. She had to take a little nap in daddy's arms.

Some other events of this month.

 Doing some leg kicks around 5:00 on Saturday morning! At least she wakes up in a good mood!

 Mesmerized by Phillip Phillips!
(who wouldn't be...)

Our happy little girl!