Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Mary-Miller's nursery!

I have had the most fun doing Mary-Miller's nursery. At first I had no idea what I wanted to do. Bright colors? Soft colors? Vintage? Modern? But once I picked out some fabrics I just rolled with it and I loved how it turned out. I am big on using things from my childhood... things with meaning so I knew whatever "scheme" I went with, I wanted to make sure I was able to incorporate that easily. As Ted says "It is definitely girly in here."
Ended up very "soft" and "babyish" which I love. 
We can always go for the bright colors and such as she gets bigger.

Looking in straight from the hallway
I decided to have a twin bed in her room so we would still have some place for guests since the nursery took place of one of our guests rooms. Plus it can double as where we change her so we didn't have to worry with a changing table. Once she gets here I am sure I will have to cover up all the white when we start changing those messy diapers! :-)
You can see at the foot of the bed where all the supplies. Well actually the diaper cake is covering up the "supply box". I just can't bring myself to take apart that cute diaper cake yet.
I made the headboard myself and my little lady, Mattie, made the bed skirt.
The night stand is the same one I have had since I was born.

Looking to the other side of the room from the hallway
Thanks Gigi and "Chief" for the crib and mattress!
I knew I always wanted a Jenny Lind style crib... I just love the classic look of them.
I found the crib skirt at a yard sale. It is handmade from linen fabric and fully lined. I was so excited when I found it!  The bumper was also made by the same lady that did the twin bed skirt. I only had it made because she doesn't charge much and I already had the fabric. Once MM starts sleeping in the crib, it will come out.
The rocker was my great grandmothers that I had reupholstered.

Some Details:
 This is a cross stitched piece someone did for mom when I was a baby. It is like a big bed spread or something and mom had it framed for me for my birthday this year.

 Ted and I as babies. The writing that is framed is from my grandmother's bible. My Uncle Tom had written it down the day I was born, time, weight etc. My grandmother had it in her bible ever since and he had found it. 

 I made this pillow case and then had it monogrammed. Same fabric as the rocking chair and ottoman.

 Her book basket. I made the bow and little chalk board tag to put on it. 

My grandmother use to always say this to me... "I love you a bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck."

This is a little vase that was sent to mom in the hospital when she had me with pick rose buds. 
She was going to get some for Mary-Miller too.
And I forgot to take a photo of just her her chest with the gold mirror above it, the one you can kind of see in this photo, but that mirror also belonged to my grandmother and I always thought it looked like a "princess mirror". Very special to have all these little details in her room. 

Light switch plate from when I was little.

I think I have blogged about this frame before, but I made it after seeing one in a store similar for $90!!!
The brooch was my grandmother's and I wore it on our wedding day!

I think we are ready for Miss Priss's arrival! Also got the car seat installed this week. So I guess that officially makes me a mom when I am driving around with a car seat in my back seat! Well that and this big ole belly I am "sporting" around. We can't wait to meet and hold our little angel!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Watch it grow...36 weeks (&1day)

How far along? 36 weeks and 1 day!
Size of Baby: According on FamilyPlanning.com , she is measuring over 17 inches and weighing around 6lbs.
Total weight gain/loss:Up 1.4 since last week so we will just round up to 22.5 total gained.
Maternity clothes? Yep! And getting tighter by the day! :-)
Best moment this week:NESTING! I am a huge organizer and this "nesting" thing has just kicked me into over drive. I love it! Also we went to dinner last Saturday night with some friends in Birmingham for my birthday. Kind of momma's last outing before MM gets here. It was so nice. They also brought some gifts from MM that were just too cute. It is still just so humbling how generous everyone is during this special time in our lives. Makes you really stop and think how blessed your really are to have such thoughtful friends and family. And I will add this morning to the list to... I got a prenatal massage! It was the best! Especially after a night be sleeping on the couch for half the night. I literally didn't think I should drive after I got it. LOL I told Ted I can't promise that will be my last one before she gets here.
Worst Moment: I really can't complain too much but sleeping is getting "not quite as comfy" as it was. But if that is the worse part... I think we are doing pretty good!
Symptoms: Some swelling in my feet late in the day but nothing bad. Sleep isn't great. And my back, hips and groin get sore at times. I am also 1cm dilated and 70% effaced... making progress!
Miss Anything? Being "care free" of watching what I eat. I ate pancakes the other night, with Sugar Free Syrup but it didn't do any favors for my blood sugar! :-( Dr. said that I have controlled very well till this point and MM is measuring right one time so he said not to worry with it too much. (most gestational diabetes babies are larger)
Movement: I am convinced she is a dancing machine! Yesterday at the Dr. the nurse would get her heartbeat and then she would move... but it was about 144. And she has started streching out both sides of my tummy. It is so crazy. She will stretch out and then go back in. Ted gets to free her do it and then, poof... she is gone! So funny.
Anything making you queasy or sick? Nope
Have you started to show yet?:I am feeling large and in charge.... but I like it! :-) Only a few more weeks to enjoy having her with me at all times! :-)
Gender : GIRL! Mary-Miller Dunlap Baker
What is Baby Baker up to?
MM's  most important job is to keep putting on weight. Actually, that's her primary job from now until delivery.
In other Baker news:
Here are some photos from my birthday dinner night! Love these girls! :-)

And love this guy....

Also a pledge sorority sister makes baby boards. She contacted me a few weeks ago saying that she would like to make me one and it arrived in the mail this week. I love it!

It is the colors of her nursery so it will be great for when we get home to hang up on her nursery door! 
Thanks so much Leah!
Mom is coming in town this weekend and she is bring what she got my for my birthday which is a framed picture for the nursery. Once that is up I will be taking photos of the nursery and posting them... finally! 


Friday, January 20, 2012

Watch it grow...35 weeks! (& 1 day)

How far along? 35 weeks and 1 day!
Size of Baby: MM is 5lbs 8oz, got to have an ultrasound the am. Just a little "perk" from the gestational diabetes! 
Total weight gain/loss:Up one pound since last Dr. visit for a total of 21. Good thing that 5lb in 2 weeks didn't keep up!
Maternity clothes? They are a must...getting by with what I have. I told Ted that I WILL be going on a little shopping spree this spring! :-) I am tired of wearing the same thing over and over.
Best moment this week:Baby shower at home this past weekend. And seeing her this morning on the ultrasound. Although after having the 4D done and seeing that, you couldn't really see a thing in this one. Plus she is all squashed up in there so it is hard to tell what is what. You could see that her feet are all up in my ribs! That explains alot when I feel those little gabs up that way!
Worst Moment: Nothing again this week.
Symptoms: Hard to get up off couch and to bend over but other than that, really nothing big this week. I also found at at Dr. that I am 1 cm dilated and my cervix is 50% thinned out! (Whao.... major reality check that she WILL be here soon!)
Miss Anything? Clothing options! I wear the same thing over and over again but that is just because I don't want to buy anything with just this little bit left to go. And I would love to get some "color" by getting a spray tan but that will just have to wait.And my desire to eat! Of course I eat, but nothing sounds really good to me. I want to "crave" something.
Movement: Her movements are alot stronger feeling this week. And she pokes out in certain spots a little bit more like she is stretching. And from the looks of that ultrasound this morning, now I know why. Baby girl barely has any room in there.
Anything making you queasy or sick? Nada
Have you started to show yet?:Quote from my boss "You are really getting BIG!" Thanks.... LOL They really know how to treat a girl around here. But he did say it was all stomach.
Gender : GIRL! Mary-Miller Dunlap Baker

In other Baker News...I had my baby shower at home this past Saturday. I have said it before but I will say it again, it is always so humbling how generous everyone is. I honestly don't think there is one thing that we need before she gets here. We are so thankful for everything.

Some of the goodies:

High school besties
Allison, Christina, me and April
Also helped host the shower... I can' believe I didn't get one with me and the other two hostesses! 
That is what you call pregnancy brain! :-(

And sweet college friend with her precious mom
Look at this little cutie!

Me and my college roommate Due Date BFF
We are due the same day. Can't wait for Baby Will and MM to play!
 My black dress obviously camouflages my baby bump in this picture. 

Me and Mimi

So thankful for all the sweet people in our lives. 

And don't forget the super yummy cupcakes!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Watch it grow...34 weeks! (& 1 day)

How far along? 34 weeks and 1 day!
Size of Baby: Measuring about 17 inches long, she weighs around 5lbs. And from this week, until 2 weeks before birth, she will gain about a half pound of weight every week. (according to familyplanning.com and pretty much the same as last week...)
Total weight gain/loss: Haven't weighed at home this week. At this point... who cares! :-)
Maternity clothes? Yep!
Best moment this week:Hearing her little heartbeat last week... that never gets old. And I love it when she stretches out a little arm or leg and I can see it poking out and feel it. It is so cute!
Worst Moment: Nothing really this week.
Symptoms: Soreness! My hips and lower back are really sore this week. I went to the chiropractor yesterday and I can already tell all the difference in the world!
Miss Anything? Bending over normally! :-) And I have a bit of spring fever. I can't wait to whiten my teeth, get a tan and wear cute spring clothes!
Movement: Still a little wiggle worm. Mom says if she keeps it up, she will be really fun to dress! LOL
Anything making you queasy or sick? Nada
Have you started to show yet?:For sure!
Gender : GIRL! Mary-Miller Dunlap Baker
What is Baby Baker up to?
Unlike the first trimester, the weight between all babies in the third trimester is much more variable. Some babies weigh more and are taller; some babies weigh less and are shorter. Also unlike the first trimester, by week 34 not much is changing. She will continue gain weight through the development of subcutaneous fat and with that weight, is probably gaining strength in his movements. May even be startled by a sudden jab to the ribs or be able to see a punch to your belly from the outside! (this is for sure!)

In other Baker News...Ted and I have gone to some classes this week, breastfeeding and CPR. (actually, I let him sit out the breastfeeding one) So we only have one more to go to and then we will be fully "baby educated"... yeah right!
Also, gearing up for my last baby shower this weekend at home. And I can't wait to get some home cooked meals. Since being pregnant, I have been the worse with cooking. Nothing sounds good and so I just don't cook! Poor Ted. Luckily, he does alot of cooking. I think it has alot to do with winter as well and just wanting to come home and change into my pj's since it is dark and cold outside. I am very much looking forward to Spring!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Watch it grow...33 weeks!

(It looks like I am poking my tummy out because the arch in my back, but I assure you, I am not!

How far along? 33 weeks
Size of Baby: Measuring about 17 inches long, she weighs around 5lbs. And from this week, until 2 weeks before birth, she will gain about a half pound of weight every week. (according to familyplanning.com)
Total weight gain/loss: Umm... at Dr. this morning I was up 5lbs from last time so I am up about 20lbs total. (since I was down a little over a lb last time I went) Whoa momma! That is alot in a little over 2 weeks.
Maternity clothes? Yes! And my "use to be big" pjs aren't so much on the big side anymore. :-(
Best moment this week:Feeling little wiggle worm all the time!
Worst Moment: I ate some french fries one day for lunch this week and it shot my blood sugar through the roof! Sweets don't bother it too much just french fries.  I only ate them because I was so hungry and wanted something to go along with my sandwich (which I didn't eat the whole bun) but evidently those are something my body doesn't do good with. So no more fries for us!
Symptoms: I can definitely tell that I have put on 5lbs recently and that MM is getting bigger. She is up in ribs more, I can't bend over hardly at all anymore and getting up and down out of chairs and in bed is a bit harder these days. The other day I dropped something in my office floor and I didn't bend down to get it until I had dropped a few more things! :-)
Miss Anything? Not this week.
Movement: All over the place! And she still gets the hiccups quite often. I think she stretches out alot too. At times my tummy will poke out in a certain spot for a few seconds and then go back down. It is really funny to watch.
Anything making you queasy or sick? Not this week.
Have you started to show yet?:The baby bump is getting bigger by the day!
Gender : GIRL! Mary-Miller Dunlap Baker
What is Baby Baker up to?
The bones in her skull are formed, but aren't fused. They actually don't fuse entirely until early adulthood, allowing room for her brain to grow through childhood. Because they aren't fused, the bones in her skull will be able to overlap, helping her to fit through the birth canal during delivery.

In other Baker News... I am officially addicted to buying her clothes! Bargain ones, of course! I have been getting things off a local facebook page...garage sale for babies and kids. I can't begin tell you all the clothes that I have gotten. Some of which included 2 Feltman Brother dresses with the TAGS STILL ON!!! When I first started looking on there, I was basically looking for little tops and leggins for when she starts daycare. Which I have gotten a ton of those but others things I have gotten include Keds shoes (worn twice), Eddie Bauer seat protector, Boon Frog Pod for the bath toys (brand new, never taken out of box) smocked dresses and rompers, bows, hats, socks, a beautiful bibb with an embroidered cross on it still in box,  dishwasher baskets, etc... I might have spent $100 on it all together, if that. Now, I will say, it does take some time to deal with. You have to constantly look to see what people post and then you have to go meet them to get it and pay for it. But I only have done it for a week and already racked up on all that. Plus I know once she is here, I won't have time to do it so that is why I am doing it now! :-) Nothing excites me more than a good deal!
And I even sold a crib bumper and dust ruffle set myself. I had bought it at a consignment sale before we knew what Baby Baker was. It was a Pottery Barn set too good to pass up. Well, once we found out she was a girl, I knew I wouldn't be able to use the blue. I took the set to a local consignment shop and it sat in there for 3 months! I picked it up last week from them and posted it on the garage sale page and it sold within 20 mins for $35. I met the girl the next day. I think I only originally paid $20 for it in the first place!

Besides all my bargain hunting, we have a baby class this Saturday and then two next week. But other than that, I am still just "playing" with all her things in the nursery making sure we are ready to go! Also started packing my hospital bag. I am not a light packer so I got out the big momma suitcase. Nothing drives me more crazy than to want something and not have it so if I think I might want it, I am packing it! :-)

Oh and I did practice a bit with MM's carseat this past weekend.  
Wonder if her and Buster will be about the same size! :-)