Monday, March 26, 2012

Happy 1 month baby girl! (a week late)

So welcome to the life with a newborn! Not only am I way way way behind on posting about the arrival of our little angel, I couldn't even get her 1 month post done on the correct day! Oh well, better late than never. And honestly snuggling up and spending time with her is way better than sitting in front of a computer so I am taking advantage of our time together before I have to go back to work. There is so much to catch up on and it will have to be in several different posts to catch up but we will just start with the basics.

Weight - 8lbs 13oz (she was born at 7lbs 6oz)
Length - 22 inches long! She grew 2 inches in 2 weeks! Go momma milk!
Eating Habits - She has always been a 3 hour kind of girl. At 2 weeks we moved to 3 1/2 hours but then at 3 weeks we hit a little growth spurt and she was every 2 hours for a few days. MM has been a great latcher from the start so fortunately we have never had any issues with breastfeeding. So I was able to start pumping early on in order for daddy to start being able to get involved. She took her first bottle from daddy on March 2nd. At 4 weeks we started being able to go every 4 hours! What a champ! And now at night sometimes we even go 5 to 6 hours at night! This past Friday night she slept from 11pm to 5am! I think I read somewhere that 5 hours is considered sleeping "through the night" for a newborn, so I will take it! Of course we don't do that during the days, just at night. Either way, I am one proud momma!
First bottle from dad!
New foods she likes: This really won’t really apply to us until about 6 months so right now she is just loving her momma milk!

New discoveries: Like most newborns MM just likes to sleep, eat and poop and she is really good at all of them! J But as we have gotten more aware of our surroundings this past month she has discovered some things she does really enjoy. She loves her swing, tummy time and her Little Einsteins Sea Dreamer Soother.  This is something I highly recommend. We have it attached to her pack n’ play right now, where she naps during the day, and when she wakes up, we can turn this on and she will put herself back to sleep. She also enjoys being carried around in her Baby Bjorn with momma! I have a feeling this will come in mighty handy as time goes on.





She also enjoys hanging out in her nap nanny

Accomplishments: Just the usual newborn things! Belly button fell off on March 13th! I was so happy to finally be able to give her a bath! We gave our first bath on March 15th. We waited just a few days to make sure it was good and healed. I am sure it would have been fine if we had done it sooner but that was just what we did. She had always done pretty good with the sponge baths so I was really hoping she would take a liking to a real bath and luckily she did! Who new bathing a newborn could be such a workout! I know it might be easier in the kitchen sink but we always have her bottles and pumping accessories drying around the sink and other stuff plus I like to get the bathroom good and steamy by turning on a hot shower and closing the door before we go in there to get it good and warm. So I guess I will just deal with the discomfort of doing it in the bath tub for now. I know it will get easier as time goes on.


 My mom held the Ipad to Skype with Gigi and Chief. Ted was standing in the back of the shower taking the photos and Bella was just trying to see what was all going on. It was a family affair for sure!

 Our 4moms Cleanwater bathtub that I highly recommend! It has a digital reading for the water temperature and since the water is constantly running you are just washing with clean water since the dirty water drains out. (more on my favorite baby gear in another post)

 Also love the foam baby much easier to rinse her.

Snuggling up with momma after her bath!

Places I went: Just to see the lactation nurses and the pediatrician’s office. MM was born on Monday February 20th and things went as smooth as they possibly ever could! Post on her birth story to come! She was born at 9:39 at night (17 hours of labor!!) so we were supposed to technically stay in hospital till Thursday however, we were able to go home on Wednesday the 22nd. We did have to wait until 6 at night since it was less than 48 hours after she was born but I was ready to get in our own house and start our little routine of our new life. However since I was just breastfeeding only the pediatrician wanted her to have a weight check Thursday morning. She was born 7 lbs 6oz but has lost down to about 6lbs 13oz. This was perfectly fine, about 7%, but being a first time mom and breastfeeding only, and us going home a bit early he just wanted to check. So we headed home that Wednesday night only to pack back up Thursday morning to head to get weighed. If I had known what all that was going to involve, I MIGHT have just stayed in the hospital one more night. I think I got up at 5 that morning with intentions of getting to his office first thing… at least by 8:30. We ended up walking in around 10! Call us a bit native… She was down to 6lbs 8oz then but my milk hadn’t come in yet so he said it was fine. He also just really wanted to check her for jaundice, which she didn’t ever have, thank goodness. Before we left the hospital we had made an appointment for the lactation nurses for Friday just to check in. So we were up again Friday to go see them! Afterwards I wanted to run into Best Buy and Toys R Us so technically you could say she has been there too, although she stayed in the car with my mom. Ted and I just ran in those stores to get exactly what we went in there for and as I was walking around those stores I was just thinking... holy moly, I just had a baby like 4 days ago! Craziness!

I never thought I would be one not to get the baby out (not the first week but at least by week 3 or 4) but our Dr. has said that with the flu and RSV going around, it is just better to wait, if we don’t have to so we aren’t! Not to mention all this pollen. But I can't WAIT to get her out and about!

Other tid-bits: We had our frist holiday! St. Patrick's Day!

  • MM is also a big grunter... she does it a ton while she sleeps.
  • She tends to get the hiccups alot, although they seem to be getting less and less. This is really no surprise since she got them so much when she was in my tummy.
  • She sneezes just like her momma! At least 4 at a time. They are so so cute.
  • She also giggles in her sleep and smiles. It is by far the cutest thing I have ever seen. I just wish I could catch her doing it with the camera.
  • And she LOVES her daddy! She love when he comes home and she hears his voice and he can put her to sleep far better than I can! She will be a daddy's girl for sure... already is!
And she is pretty much his little mini me! Maybe one day she will start to look like her momma too!
More posts to come about her birth story, coming home, visitors..... I am just glad to get this one accomplished for now! Be back soon!