Thursday, April 26, 2012

2 months! (a week late again!)

I mean, seriously... where does the time go!?!?! And why can't I get the hang of this blogging thing again? Maybe because I have a new baby girl, have started back to work and a million other things going on, that blogging makes it last on the list. But I enjoy going back and reading about my pregnancy so much that I really want to continue to document everything so I don't forget! I am already amazed at how many things I have forgotten about being pregnant. One thing I do know is I miss it! I miss having her with me all the time! Sounds a little silly but it is true!

This month Miss Priss has really stared to come alive to the world and it is so much fun!!!
Among the many things that she has discovered, her fist is her favorite. 

Weight - 11lbs 6oz(she was 8lbs 3 oz at 1 month)
Length - 23 inches
Eating Habits - She has slowed down a bit on how long she goes each feeding. We use to do about 40 minutes total but now she is more like 30 minutes with some even 20 minutes. The past 2 nights her night feeding has only been 10 mins and it was a struggle to get her to even do that! I think she is so close to being able to sleep through the night. But for right now, she still needs a little snack and probably some mommy time! Since I have started back to work she will take 2to 3 4oz bottles a day. Sometimes I get to go home at lunch and feed her and sometimes she eats late in the mornings so that effects how the rest of the day goes. She is usually asleep in her swing by 8:00 and sometimes will stay until 11 if Mimi will let her. But then there are other days that she acts like she is starving by 9:00. So it just varies day to day but I always have at least 3 bottles in the fridge for her and then a little "snack" bottle. So far everything is working great for her and mommy!
New foods she likes: Still on just mommy milk!
New discoveries: As stated above... she loves her fist! Tries her hardest to get it in her mouth. (I have no clue where in the world she gets this! LOL)  She also loves to blow little spit bubbles which are so cute. I think she likes to stroll without her carseat. This way she can see what is going on!

She also loves looking at herself in the mirror and daddy walks around the house. She usually gets a daddy walk during lunch and then at night time. One day Ted didn't get to come home for lunch and she got a bit fussy. Mom tried all kinds of things but nothing helped so then she just got up and walked around with her just like daddy does and she was fine. So funny how that can get use to things so quickly.

Accomplishments: She moves her had like crazy back and forth trying to look at everything when she does have daddy walks. She laughs, smiles and coos now too. It is the cutest thing I have ever seen!
 Look at that sweet baby... just cracking herself up! 

This was the first time she really started "talking" and laughing with us. Ted had come home for lunch and she just started it. It was like she was waiting on her daddy. But then again, if you know her daddy, you probably know why she started laughing when he was around. I am sure he was doing something crazy to her. 

Places I went:Well for keeping her at home for a bit at first, we have really been hitting the road the past 4 days! She got her shots on April 20th and after that we went to a baby store, lunch, my work and the mall! Then Saturday we went to lunch again and yesterday she actually came to work with me for a bit while Mimi had to go to the Dr. 

Starting her out early! I don't know how much she know about the Oil part but she has the Gas part down!

Of course we did go to Mimi's house for Easter! 

We also attended our 1st Birthday party! 
 Getting ready to go. 

Pretty girl in her party dress.

Boyfriend and Girlfriend meet for the first time! 
(Actually MM has lots of boyfriends! LOL Seems as though she is one of the only little girls around right now. They can duke it out on the playground for her.)
This is my roommate from college and we had the exact same due date! Baby Will got here 11 days before MM. Sarah and I have pretty much texted each other every single days since we found out we were both expecting. It has been so fun going through this amazing experience with someone that is going through the exact same thing at the same time. 

And here is the 13th St. College roomies in order of age. Birthday boy on the far left, then Miss Layton, Mr. Will and MM! So fun! They all live in the same town but we don't so we will just have to go and visit them!

Sadly this is the only photo I got us the birthday boy. Sorry Mrs. Smith. But it be a bit honest, this was my first "real" outing with MM and there was lots going on so I am just glad we got this one. 

Right after a feeding and diaper change. I think they look like a little old married couple. Big momma in her moomoo dress and little baldy!
So cute!

I hope to be better at blogging because I know if I don't write it down, I will forget it all in no time! And I have got to find a way to organize this billion photos I take! Just for example, I took over 100 at her "2 month photo shoot"... geez... I have got to get under control!
But for now, enjoy some more of my cutie pootie!
And yes, there was wardrobe changes!

"Mommy, are we done yet?"

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